The first day in Kenya

We arrived late at Nairobi Airport. Without any bridge connected between the aircraft and the terminal, we stepped right out on the airfield. The weather was nice. Warm but not too warm. We got escorted from the plane to a bus and we made our way to the terminal (or what I rather would call a rebuilt garage). We entered this “garage” and got to customs and visa inspections. This line of people didn’t at first seem very long. But we soon realized that the line was very slow. People got dissy and a woman passed out infornt of us. 

We chose to stand on the right lane of the 5 or so lanes. Which first seemed to go pretty well. But after a while a lady working at the airport approached us and told us that we should switch line to the middle one. So we did in the belief that this line would be faster. But no. We stood in this horrible sweaty line for approximately 3 hours before we got to the man at the desk whom just without looking at my papers throw them in a carton box and stamped the passport. Hungry, sweaty and exhausted I entered Kenya. But also happy and excited. 

Before the bus picked us up to leave for our hotel, we saw two heavy armed soldiers protecting the terminal, surprisingly holding each other’s hands! And  both were males! Kevin explained to us that men hold each others hands in Kenya. Not male and female, which is considered inappropriate. Very surprising and strange to us and this would not be the last time we saw men holding each other’s hands throughout the week.

The first day ended by arriving at the hotel, Blue Springs Hotel, located outside Nairobi. We slept there and collected ourselves before continuing the adventure the next day.




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